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Set consists of:

Karigane - fragrant tea with a fresh, floral scent and light golden brew color, with a natural sweetness in flavor due to the rich theanine content. 

Made from the stems and twigs of Gyokuro, the Highest Grade of green tea, the most expensive and exclusive in Japan. Low in caffeine, no bitterness. It is suitable for daily consumption throughout the day, including for children and the elderly, during and after meals.

Kabusecha - Superior Grade Green Tea with emerald, pine-needle shaped leaves, rich in chlorophyll due to the growing method - young tea leaves are completely shaded from the sun for 10 days before harvesting. 

Brewed tea has less bitterness, sweetness, and umami than Gyokuro, with a mild flavor and rich aroma.

Genmaicha - combination of Sencha green tea leaves and roasted Japanese dessert rice (mochi). This tea has a light golden brewed color, with a very bright nutty aroma of roasted seeds, oatmeal cookies, light sweetness combined with fresh herbals and slightly marine notes of green tea.

Suitable for daily consumption throughout the day, a useful substitute for desserts and snacks, helps to control hunger feelings during a diet.

ZEN SET Sale price€35,00