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Our story


Our brand represents the best of the assembled authentic Japanese tea heritage, being a niche product, with only 6% of worldwide export, while the rest of the product stays domestically. 

We work closely with local farmers (microfarms), experiencing their knowledge of the best harvesting time, tea leaf processing, blends of flavor and aroma.


We respect natural resources, human labor and traditions. That's why we buy tea grown only organically on local microfarms - small production facilities that can afford to work with quality, not quantity. Our philosophy is to make Japanese tea heritage available to every customer at a reasonable price, so everyone can enjoy a niche product - real tasty Japanese teas and benefit from it.

All tea factories grow and process tea plants only organically. This means no chemicals or pesticides are used, and all new crop products undergo extensive laboratory analysis before they reach the market.

Our products are certified by both Japanese and European certification authrorities as "100% organic".

Estradora tea collection contains the most tasty Superior Grade Matcha, Green, Black and Herbal Teas, as well as Tea Accessories.

Our team is proud to provide high-quality tea from the heart of Japan and make it available to everyone.