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Set consists of:

Karigane with Matcha (50 g) - combination of Karigane loose leaf green tea and Matcha powder creates a bright olive color, umami rich taste and creamy mouthfeel, without bitterness and astringency.

Hojicha (50 g) - roasted green tea with a sweet and smoky aroma of coffee, truffle and caramel notes. The color of the brew is dark amber, rum, with a mild taste. Provides natural calmness and relaxation due to low caffeine amount. 

Suitable for daily consumption throughout the day, including for children and the elderly, during and after meals.

Genmaicha with Matcha (50 g) - perfect blend of green tea with roasted dessert rice and Matcha powder, has a dark-lime cloudy brewed color, creamy sweetness flavor and light nutty aroma. Saturates and gives natural energy. 

Suitable for daily consumption throughout the day, perfect as a nutrition and activity booster in between workouts, in addition or after meals.

KYOTO SET Sale price€35,00