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Set consists of:

Superior Grade Matcha Kiwami (30 g) green tea powder authentically handcrafted from top juicy spring leaves. Creamy texture, rich green color, natural sweetness in aroma and taste. High quality product without bitterness and astringency.

Ceremonial Grade Hojicha Powder (30 g) low-caffeine powdered tea, a healthy alternative to classic coffee and cacao. Produced from roasted green tea leaves ground into powder. Light almond brew color with truffle, coffee aroma, notes of caramel and roasted nuts. 

Bamboo Whisk accessories set consists of traditional tea ceremony utensils: chasen (whisk) with 100 prongs, chashaku and spoon. Produced from natural bamboo, exclusively handmade. Used to properly blend powdered tea and create foam on top.

Brewing tips: 

  • for Matcha powder use only warm water (70°), hot water spoils the delicate powder and makes it bitter;
  • Hojicha powder can be brewed with hot water. Recommended to add plant-based milk on top and natural sweetener (carob syrup/honey etc);
  • Bamboo Whisk has to be soft, put it into hot water a few min before use.