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Gyokuro translates from Japanese as "jade dew", meaning the delicate emerald color of the brewed tea. 

It`s a Superior Grade tea for connoisseurs and its value comes from several factors:

  • organically grown in ideal tea farm conditions in Uji (Kyoto);
  • produced only once a year (early spring) and limited in quantity;
  • requires special care: tea plants are shaded for 20-30 days before picking;
  • tea leaves are hand-picked, which ensures selective harvesting and preserves the leaf quality.

Flavor profile: emerald brew color, fresh green grass and melon aroma notes with a natural sweetness in taste, rich umami undertone, without astringency or bitterness. 

Brewing tips:

  • water temperature: 70-90°C warm water. Boiled hot water will make tea bitter;
  • short steeping time: less than 2 min, longer time will result in very concentrated tea;
  • re-brewing: 2 times;
  • drink warm or with ice added.

Servings: 25.

Storage: cool, dark and dry place.

Shelf life: 1 year before opening. Once opened, consume within the next 6 months.

Gyokuro superior green tea
ORGANIC GYOKURO Sale price€29,00