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Matcha bamboo whisk accessories
Matcha accessories set
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Matcha set consists of traditional tea ceremony utensils: chasen (whisk) with 100 prongs, chashaku and spoon.
Produced from natural bamboo, exclusively handmade.
USAGE: ceremonial Usucha (thin) or Koicha (thick tea), Matcha latte.

How to brew Matcha: read our article


  • Traditional 1 portion of brewed Matcha green tea is 2 g of powder, which is equal to 1 bamboo spoon or 2 chashaku scoops. 
  • To prevent lumps, gently knead tea with chasen in “W” motion. Use chasen to create rich creamy foam on Matcha tea or Matcha Latte.
  • Soak chasen in hot water at least 2 min before usage.
  • Gently handwash utensils after each usage, let them dry, and keep upright.

STORAGE: can be stored for 2 years under the condition of normal temperature.