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Japanese Green Tea Powder. Ceremonial Grade Matcha.

Grown and harvested organically on small fabrics in Uji, Japan. Produced from tender spring leaves, first harvest.

Recommended for Matcha Latte brewing or plain with just water.

Flavor profile: juicy green color, natural sweetness in aroma with fresh grassy notes, creamy and smooth texture, mild umami taste without bitterness and astringency.

Brewing tips: 

  • use only warm water 70°
  • hot water spoils the delicate powder and makes it bitter;
  • slowly add water to powder, mixing properly with a bamboo whisk. Whisk has to be soft, put it into hot water few min before use;
  • suitable to be brewed as Matcha latte with plant-based milk or plain with just water;
  • Matcha should be consumed immediately after brewing.

More tips about Matcha brewing: read our article

Servings: 2 g powder per 1 Matcha cup.

Storage: cool, dark and dry place. 

Shelf life: 1 year before opening. Once opened, consume within the next 6 months.

High grade ceremonial matcha Oka by Estradora
ORGANIC MATCHA OKA Sale price€22,00