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Set consists of:

Sencha&Matcha (50 g) - perfect blend of deep green Sencha leaves with Ceremonial Matcha powder creates a cloudy sun-green brew color and elegant citrus aroma. Balance between Sencha grown under the sun, and shaded Matcha, makes this tea rich in amino acids and catechins, which promotes longevity and provides natural energy and vitamins.

Gyokuro (50 g) "exclusive vintage vine" in the tea world produced from the 1st spring leaves, hand-picked. Also known as "Jade dew" or "Tea of Genius" due to its positive influence on brain activity. More info find here: Gyokuro blog article

Matcha Kiwami (30 g) Superior Grade Ceremonial Matcha is a handmade green tea powder, produced from top juicy spring leaves. Creamy texture, rich green color, sweet aroma of almond blossoms. High quality product without bitterness and astringency.

Recommended for use as a standalone drink, with the addition of water and/or ice. If desired, you can add plant-based milk (coconut). Use a bamboo whisk for proper brewing.

Contains no sweeteners, preservatives, artificial ingredients. Vegan product. Recommended daily dose: 1-2 cups (up to 5 g), during the day, not on an empty stomach.