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organically farmed


how to start

matcha tea ceremony

bamboo whisk

Traditional chasen (whisk) with 100 prongs and special spoon chashaku for proper Matcha brewing. Natural eco materials, handcrafted.

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ceramic bowl

Authentic chawan (bowl) for easy Matcha whisking from Japanese clay artisans.

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matcha powder

Deeply selected tea cultivars of Japanese Ceremonial Matcha, grown and harvested on organic microfarms in Uji, Kyoto.

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why our matcha is special?

#1 Authenticity

grown, harvested and packed in Uji, Kyoto, Japan - recognized highest quality matcha birthplace.

#2 uniqueness

limited harvest, organic farming and slow way production: handcrafted on a stone-mille like Buddhist monks did centuries ago.

#3 superior taste

estradora signatures

tea collection

discover masterpice form Japanese tea masters

Start your tea degustation

new level of focus and sustainable energy with Superior Matcha & Tea.

tea blog


Matcha: Instagram trend?

Matcha was brought to Japan from China by monks. It became a traditional drink of Zen Buddhists firstly and then - a lifestyle of the whole society. So what is the phenomenon of Matcha and why shou...

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Buckwheat Tea Sobacha

Buckwheat Tea Sobacha

  Sóbacha in Japanese means "soba" - buckwheat and "cha" - tea. It is not a traditional tea, like green or black tea, but a tizan, a gluten-free and caffeine-free tea made from the seeds of Tatar ...

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Japanese tea guideline

Japanese Tea Guideline

  Japanese tea export to the whole world contains 6% which makes this tea very rare and limited. Many brands, in order to satisfy clients' demand, started to sell look-alike Japanese tea that in r...

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